Have you considered starting a podcast...

but just don't know where to start?

Sure... you could Google everything you need to know about starting a podcast. You could learn the basics and then figure out the rest as you go. That's totally what we did!

After podcasting week after week for more than 3 1/2 years, we've learned a thing or two. And now we're sharing our experience with you... including mistakes to avoid along the way.

Get ready to launch your podcast with confidence. Stop thinking about it! Let us help you actually do it!

About the Course

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The Podcasting Course includes:

  • Crafting Your Idea

    The things to consider as you're working through your podcast idea. From podcast structures to your target audience, we're covering it all.

  • The Podcast Process

    A detailed breakdown of all the steps that go into releasing each podcast episode. We're sharing the exact steps we take week after week.

  • Time Management Tips

    Managing all the podcasting tasks is no joke! Peek into our project management process for getting it all done and organized.

  • The Recording Process

    Best practices for getting the best sound quality in your podcast recordings, including the list of equipment and software we use.

  • Editing Tricks & Tutorials

    Watch a demo of podcast editing steps using free software. If editing your episodes freaks you out, we'll walk you through it step by step.

  • Mistakes to Avoid

    Don't spend time figuring it all out on your own! We're sharing the exact process we used to start and grow a successful podcast.

Your Course Instructors

Co-Hosts of the This Week In Weddings Podcast


Kimberly is the owner of wedding planning company Hitched Events.

When she’s not planning and designing events or co-hosting the podcast, you’ll find her watching a reality show on Bravo, cuddled up with her husband, dog, and a glass of wine, or digging into chips and queso on a sunny patio while dreaming up her next big idea. 

Oh, and fun fact… it’s Kimberly. Not Kim.


Annie is the owner of stationery design company 5 by 7 Designs.

The queen of movie quotes and comedic one-liners, she fell in love with paper while working at a stationery store. When she’s not designing invitations suites or co-hosting the podcast, you’ll find her with her husband, 8-year-old son, and four-legged friends Guinness and Shiner Bock.

Podcast Like a Pro

Avoid the mistakes.
Learn from ladies who are already doing the damn thing.

This Course Is For You If:

  • You have a podcast idea, but just don’t know where to start

  • You’re worried about how much time it will take and how to fit it into your schedule.

  • The technical details freak you the f’ out

  • You have no idea how to market a podcast

  • You need tips for managing the whole thing

  • You just need someone to tell you the real deal!


  • Do I need to be in the wedding industry to take this course?

    Heck no! Getting a podcast up and running is the same process whether you're in the wedding industry or the welding industry! Our experience just happens to be weddings, but a podcast is a podcast.

  • When does the course begin?

    The podcast course officially launches August 5th! Once it's open, you'll have lifetime access and can take it (and retake it!) at any time.

  • How much does the course cost?

    Only $199 when you sign up for the course during pre-launch. The discounted pricing is our way of saying thank you for being an early adopter! Need a little more time to decide? Regular pricing is $249 starting August 5th.

  • What if I need more one-on-one help?

    The course goes over everything you need to get your podcast up and running, but if you need some extra attention, we got you! You can add-on a 30-minute coaching session with your instructors at any time.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1 - The Basics

    • Podcasting 101

    • The First Decisions (The 5 W's)

    • Branding Your Podcast

    • Tutorial - Audiogram

    • Brainstorming

  • 3

    Module 2 - The Process

    • The 6 Steps to Get Every Episode Out in the World

    • Tutorial - Managing the Overall Process

    • Schedule

    • Prep

    • Record

    • Tutorial - Recording

    • Edit

    • Tutorial - Editing

    • Release / Publish

    • Publishing Demo

    • Promote

  • 4

    Module 3 - Keys to Success

    • Tips Before Launch

    • Download - Podcast Episode Checklist

    • Products & Software We Recommend

    • Give Us a Review!

    • Need More Help?

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What People are Saying

Clear, concise, to the point & worth the investment

from Kelly McWilliams

"I have been on the fence about podcasting for well over a year now. This course so far has been insightful and easy. It offers answers to the questions I wondered about and in a way that isn't scary or overwhelming. Annie & Kimberly did a great job with this one."